Thursday, May 21, 2009


I must do some speed blogging as my battery is about to run out and the power cable is not with me. So first, an update on the Indian visa fiasco -- I returned to the consulate yesterday, and the same woman who had treated me so curtly on Monday was suddenly much nicer when she noticed my Turkish residence booklet. "Oooh, you have Turkish residency, why didn't you tell me that before?" she asked. Well, perhaps you didn't give me a chance, didn't even bother to glance at my application, and only kept asking what my nationality was. End result, my app. was accepted, she barely even glanced at the rest of my paperwork, and told me my visa would be ready Tuesday.

Today was my day in court. I had never seen a courtroom before today and hope to never see one again. After waiting way past our appt. time, we were beckoned into the courtroom, where a female judge was presiding, something that made me feel slightly better. The proceedings were somewhat of a blur. I just remember saying, "Evet, evet" to a lot of things, most of which I only half understood, and when it was all over I was officially single.

Now, my ex and I agree that we need a break from the Bul and are heading out for a few days in Iğneada on the Black Sea coast. Yeah, it may sound bizarre that we're going on a mini-tatil together, but what the hell. We don't hate each other, far from it. Who knows what our relationship will look like in the future.

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