Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome back, you're homeless!

Arrived back in the Bul on Saturday. Note to self: never fly Delta on international routes and avoid on domestic ones too. Suck it up and pay more for competent staff, newer fleets and leg room.

As always, Istanbul had some surprises in store, with my soon-to-be-ex announcing soon after my arrival that our landlord had insisted he clear the apartment so he could re-rent it immediately, though he had previously said I could stay till the end of the month. So after 4 legs of flying (Asheville-Atlanta, Atlanta-WA, WA-JFK, JFK-Istanbul) and my lack of ability to sleep on planes I got to figure out where I was going to spend my final week and a half here. Nevermind trying to find the stuff that I will need for my trip, which was boxed and distributed between Ev's offices and the flat in Beyoglu.

So here I am at an interesting little establishment in Taksim, waking up to the sound of jackhammers every morning. It's at least a great location, where I can easily reach the various consulates I need for my trip visas. And the court date for the divorce is coming right up on Thursday at a location that is also nearby. After that I will certainly reconsider accommodation options. And if I feel like observing the stream of global life that is Istiklal, all I have to do is walk about 20 steps from the hotel door, and voila!

Yesterday, wandered down to the waterfront at Dolmabahce and just watched all the boats float by. This morning headed out to apply for my Indian visa, or shall I say attempt to apply. That is a story for another day...

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