Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gray skies and floss

I feel like I'm getting sick and have had a recurring headache for the past 3 days. We've had a series of rainy days here in Istanbul. I'm already tired of the gray skies and muddy streets. The weather really seems to affect my moods, even though I'm in an office all day and don't see much of it. I just wake up, peek through the blinds, see the dark cloudy skies and feel an internal sigh, as well as a general feeling of doom. Also, it seems that the minute I walk out the main doors to our building, the rain just happens to start pouring down. Mere coincidence?

Evren arrived back from his trip to Germany and the UK on Sunday night. It felt kind of like Christmas cause he brought a whole slew of new books for me along with chocolate, herbal tea and bulk quantities of some items that I requested because they're so expensive here in Turkey -- dental floss and tampons. Of course he did admit that he commissioned his friend Ali's wife to go buy the tampons since he was too embarrassed (though he has bought them in the past). Anyways, I am most excited about the new books as I was running low on reading material. Books are pretty expensive here so any chance to bring them in from elsewhere must be taken. I've been less than motivated to pick up a book in the evenings after editing material all day, so a bunch of new titles may be just the thing to get me going again -- well, after I kick this headache anyhow.


Bev said...

how sweet Ev to pick up some chocalate and new books for you! love that brand of floss! email me your home address so i can mail plenty of floss to you!

sugar cube said...

hi you tagged me. Ahhh yes floss and tampons I have to remember that when I come back to Turkey.

Katie said...

Tampons are widely available here in Argentina, but the only brand you can find is OB, which I kind of hate. Better than the alternatives, I suppose.