Monday, October 29, 2007

Republic Day

Happy Republic Day to all those celebrating today in Turkey. Unfortunately, I cannot be out there with you as I am at work and in a less than celebratory mood; but I could hear the patriotic speeches of schoolchildren over loudspeakers on the way to work this morning, which sounded rather military-like in their articulated precision. I suppose this isn't a real holiday for them either since they all had to go to school in the morning for "official celebrations." Gigantic flags drape the frontages of every business and smaller ones fly from the balconies of apartments. There are also supersized images of Ataturk all around.

I'm sure there are also some protests against the PKK going on, as pretty much every event lately has had some element of such. And with good reason, as 47 civilians and soldiers have been killed by the organization just in the last month.

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