Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where has Wonder Woman gone?

It's Halloween today in the states, but that means nothing here. I guess I'm kind of missing the holiday. I didn't get to celebrate it as a kid since it was deemed "the devil's day" by the church I was raised in. To appease us, the church would hold its own event, complete with apples and kosher games I'm sure, though I never attended because nothing would satisfy me but the real deal.

I didn't get to carve my first pumpkin until my early 20's and found I'd been missing out on the fun of this day. My final year in the states before moving to Turkey I dressed up as Wonder Woman, blue body glitter, red fishnets and all (OK, that wasn't part of her official outfit, but I felt the need to embellish it a bit) and partied with an evil nurse, satan, a Roman and a biker girl, among others. It's really the only day in the states that kids are sanctioned to consume as much candy as they'd like, and they as well as adults can run around in the costumes of their fantasies. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the concept of dressing up as someone other than myself. I think we need more holidays that allow us to just step out and enjoy the spirit of childhood once again.

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