Friday, September 4, 2009

PNE Vancouver

I'm up in B.C. with my mom for a few weeks visiting with aunties and cousins. Yesterday we headed to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition), an annual fair held in late summer in Vancouver's Hastings Park. The fair runs the gamut from farm animal exhibits to concerts and dance programs to modern art. And then there are the endless stalls of greasy dietary disasters which no fair would be complete without. Everyone needs a bag of mini donuts and souvlaki to keep their energy up for Playland, or so they have something colorful to puke up after taking a whirl on the Spinner.

I skipped the Spinner (along with the rest of Playland) and instead partook of the SuperDog Show, farm animal exhibition, art shows, fake Mexican food, a dance program featuring local youths, and some of the Hastings gardens.

My top 5 picks at PNE:

1. Beaver Cabinet

2. Container Exhibit: Eggshell head and masks

3. Dressy Drawers

4. Container Exhibit: Hub Art

5. The Italian Gardens

1 comment:

Katie said...

The Beaver Cabinet and the Dressy Drawers are my favorites - so playful and original!