Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dreaming of moonlit Joshua trees

Photo courtesy of Underground Bastard

Lately I've been missing Joshua Tree National Park. I have so many great memories of time spent there -- midnight hikes in the moonlight with friends, falling 40 feet while rock climbing without breaking a single bone, the first time I saw the springs, camping at Jumbo, photographing morning light at 4am.

Joshua Tree was also the place I would head to when I needed to figure things out or work out anger issues. Something about the desert space and these narled yuccas was able to clear my mind and help me find answers. It was a place of catharsis, where I could let negative emotion flow out of me and into the evil Teddy bear cholla.

There are several things I'm trying to work out in my life right now. And so I'm feeling the need for my Joshua trees, a space to escape to and ponder. I haven't found such a space in Istanbul and I really don't think one exists. It's so difficult to escape all the constant background noise, escape the throngs. You pretty much have to leave the city to find that, something which is currently not an option.


Anonymous said...

where are you living? if you are in the middle of the city, you can go up the bosphorus, north to the black sea shores. Taking a walk along bosphorus also worked for me. Bosphorus university campus is also good, lots of empty spots with a good view.

emily said...

There is Yildiz park above ortakoy or the belgrade forest up past sariyer...both are quite nice. Yildiz park is amazing when the tulips start popping and belgrade quite large surprisingly but don't get stranded at night. There aren't any bus services in and out of the actual forest. I lived in San Diego for years and can understand you missing the desert! Take care!